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Rename out-of-the-box alerts

Rename out-of-the-box alerts


Standard practice is to copy an out-of-the-box alert, and rename/edit the copy to meet your needs. I'd like to be able to rename the out-of-the-box alert to something so I can reuse the alert name. Example:

Node is down, when I copy and rename it, the new name appears on all the displays ("Node is down - new"). I'd prefer to see "Node is down" in the displays...if I could rename the original to "Node is down - OOTB" or "Node is down - template" or something...then I can reuse Node is down.

Or if all the out-of-the-box alerts came named as "something - template," then I would haven't to do anything at all...just follow the same copy and edit process.


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