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Remove False Warning on Orion Deployment Health

Remove False Warning on Orion Deployment Health

There were many false warning that were appearing on our Orion Deployment health. We would like to request to remove them on the page and only report the relevant errors.

Also to add a feature on it to auto-remove the errors if it only exist for a short amount of time and remove recurring warnings.

Level 7

This is very beneficial to optimize the page

Level 8

I hope this will be added in the future releases

Level 10

Very useful

Level 16


Product Manager
Product Manager

Did you have specific examples of False Notifications?  Were the false because they did not exist at all or were you not in agreement with the severity indicated?

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for Voting

We can move them to 'Silenced Checks' if we don't need them, have you tried this option within Orion Deployment Health ?

I agree that is what I do

Level 13

Like in all things monitoring, it is only reporting on what is actually detected in your environment. As mentioned before issues can be silenced.

I would like the ability to change some of the thresholds. For example we squeak above the "Select all from Nodes" 500 ms query with an average of 525 ms, but that is normal for our environment.

Feel free to vote up -


Level 7

Why the Vendor don't remove them if they are not reflecting the reality. I had a call with the vendor and i've told not to rely on the output but only on logs.
It's really confusing because this is what management see and we have to explain and convince that those are false alerts.