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Rediscovery of replaced nodes

Rediscovery of replaced nodes

A common occurrence is a switch gets replaces with a different model switch, but the device IP remains the same.  This leaves the old interfaces "orphaned" in an unknown state.  To remove these interfaces, you have to delete them in Manage Nodes.  There is no way from the device details to do this.

What I would like is a way to rediscover the device, testing snmp communities, and should remove old interfaces and allow selection of new ones.  All from the Device Details page.  This change would be reported in the Device Audit details.

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Common problem for me to.

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Another thing to consider is that It's not the same device anymore, it shouldn't have the history of the old device either. So, really, shouldn't you delete the node and re-add it anyways?     

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That's actually the intent:

The only thing staying the same is the IP and Node-Name.  So this option would remove the device and interfaces and then run a discovery on the IP using the community credential store.  Only other stats to keep is the event history and audit history for the device.  I would like this to be done from the Device Details page, after appropriate "are you sures".

We usually find these when the interfaces are in an unknown state (silver).  Be nice if there was an alert that the SNMP community is broken on the details page

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How bout an alert when the machine type or device description changes?   (assuming the community stays the same)

How bout Orion trying to fix itself when the device pings but SNMP can't connect.  Try all the communities in  the community store, and then alert that SNMP Community changed.

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Or even worse, SNMP isn’t broken but they’re in unknown state because they’re different interfaces! I know this happened to me when we upgraded our gateway device. Set up the same SNMP strings but all the links were broken but it showed as polling fine in NPM.

Ironically IPAM caught on to the device change but not NPM

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Please combine these similar features together, so that the total number of votes can be combined. This will provide SolarWinds with greater visibility of the 2 separate requests.

Best Regards,

Derik Pfeffer

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So did this have enough votes , seems like a very common problem after researching the thwack forums. We have this issue about 20-30 times a week.

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None of my nodes ever rediscover the new interfaces even if I manually rediscover the node. Is this the normal behavior? I have between 20-50 nodes replaced every week on an ongoing basis.

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