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Recurring maintenance schedule from Maintenance Mode drop down

Recurring maintenance schedule from Maintenance Mode drop down

It would be very useful to have the ability to add a recurring schedule from the maintenance mode drop down.

Currently you can only schedule a one time event:

Level 11

up voted, really need that

Thanksgiving bump!

Level 7

This would be a really useful feature!

Level 16


Level 7

This would be highly appreciated, quite surprised this is not a standard feature

Much needed, please bring it soon

Level 9

this is great except for one thing- we need recurring windows of time- meaning, one host is down for an hour each night. We need to have this window auto schedule...this assumes a long term outage.

Level 9

We need this so much. Many complaints about the monitoring system that alerts constantly for nightly outages that we know are going to happen. People are associating "Solarwinds" with "Annoying" and that isn't good if we want to keep it around.

Level 10

So I agree doing this in the Web UI would be great, and is much needed. However in the mean time do you all know about the "Unmanage Scheduling Utility" on the Orion server?

It is not ideal, and can be a bit frustrating at times, but you can put in reoccuring maintenance windows. This is a tool that basically just creates a script that is then run in Windows Task Scheduler on the Orion server. But until they get the functionality in the Web UI, it is a way to quiet those reoccuring alerts.

Level 9

I did not know about it but now that I see it, I like it. You're right it's not as convenient as the web interface but it does meet the immediate recurring need.

Thanks for pointing it out!!