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Recurring maintenance schedule from Maintenance Mode drop down

Recurring maintenance schedule from Maintenance Mode drop down

It would be very useful to have the ability to add a recurring schedule from the maintenance mode drop down.

Currently you can only schedule a one time event:

Level 9

Upvoting (sigh)

Perhaps some of the best advice I've read:  "Don't enable any alerts until you've determined they will tell you something important, and that you can take immediate action on the cause of the alerts to correct or prevent problems."

You could adjust those specific alerts to NOT send them to folks who don't need them.  If only you receive them, that's better than them causing your boss headaches & questions.

adatole​ has written the book on not creating alerts if you don't need them, and not creating/enabling any alerts if they are not actionable.

There are great resources available to learn about creating and limiting (and NOT creating) alerts here:

needs to handle multiple schedulesand MUTE and UN-MUTE options also.

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It is not only a matter of alerting but also to have meaningful statistic (node or application availability) and a meaningful dashboard with status colors that reflect the reality of the current situation. A node under maintenance should not be red (and yes there are people watching the dashboard even during the night )

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Voted, this feature would be great!

Level 7

Please please put this in, having to use the unmanage utility with windows task scheduler is a real pain

Level 16

please have this added in next major release.. very much needed feature....

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jason.carrier​ can we please get a status update. As you can tell from the continued “bumps” this would be a big win.

Product Manager
Product Manager

Sure thing. I agree this one would be a big win, and I'd love to get it built. When we talked internally about how much developer capacity it would consume, it was much more than I expected. There are some hindrances related to scheduling in our core architecture that need to be resolved first. It's still on my radar, but not something we're actively building at present.

I hear all your "bumps".

Level 9

2020 new year hope bump!!