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Recurring maintenance schedule from Maintenance Mode drop down

Recurring maintenance schedule from Maintenance Mode drop down

It would be very useful to have the ability to add a recurring schedule from the maintenance mode drop down.

Currently you can only schedule a one time event:


Steve, your question is answered here:


I can verify that the process is followed, as I've submitted a fair number of Feature Requests, had some of them voted enough to be implemented, some of them not supported well enough and seen them turned down.

I agree with your thoughts about what features are reasonably expected in an enterprise-sized monitoring product.

Patience in all things--the good ones will be implemented (sometimes in the next product release or hot fix, sometimes a few more releases out into the future).

Level 8

Muting alerts on a recurring basis would be an extremely useful feature!  Additionally the ability to cancel scheduled mutes as well - for example if the date was entered incorrectly. 

Would like to see this in a release soon.

Level 12

"Additionally the ability to cancel scheduled mutes as well"

This can be done now - after scheduling a mute or un-manage, go into the Node Details view and it should show the future scheduled mutes/unmanage periods, you can click "Cancel" on those to remove them:


Level 8

Thanks prawij​.

Previously I had only seen the muted alert notice in the audit events log (with no cancel link), but now realize the cancel option is under the node status in the "Node Details" pane.

This option/info doesn't seem to be available for ASA firewall nodes in the default "Details" pane though.  I've had to add the "Node Details" pane to the ASA summary page just to obtain this info.  It would be nice if the same info/options were available in both panes.

Thanks for the head's up though; appreciate the lead!

Level 11


Level 9

How is this even up for voting? This is one of the fundamental features for monitoring system.

We just recently implemented Solarwinds the correct way. I am new to the company so I walked into this, but as I am working with the product, this is one of the things that stumps everyone I mention it to - the lack of setting reoccurring maintenance mode.

Can we please, please please have this implemented?

Level 10

Please implement this.  Currently we have to manually set an mute schedule for all our servers for the deployment WSUS patches and subsequent server reboots.  I understand we can set a Unmanaged Schedule, but we don't want to stop managing them, we want to stop the alerts ergo we want the ability to schedule mute alerts.

Level 9

We are in a same boat here. Every Friday, we spend time scheduling nodes to maintenance.


Level 9

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