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Provide a place for notes when unmanaging a node

Provide a place for notes when unmanaging a node

Occasionally we unmanage one or more nodes for a period of time--maintenance, replacement of hardware, upgrades, etc.


But sometimes we unmanage for other reasons--maybe a UPS is alarming that it needs new batteries, and we need time to order them and schedule their replacement.  Currently we typically unmanage a UPS for a month in this case, and when a month passes and the new alerts show up again, we may--or may not--remember who unmanaged it and why.

This becomes a greater problem when someone unmanages a node for any unshared reason and then leaves the company.

I'd like to see a place provided in the "Unmanage Node" window that offers the ability to provide / track more information about the "unmanagement":

  1. Space for WHY the node was unmanaged.
  2. A pre-populated and unchangeable window that displays who unmanaged it.
  3. A pre-populated and unchangeable window showing the time stamp of the unmanagement.
  4. History of that node's unmanagement.  For example, if any node (let's pick on a UPS) was unmanaged 30 days ago, and it was also unmanaged 30 days before that, and unmanaged another 30 days earlier--that's important information, and should be present when clicking on the node, when unmanaging it again.  And it should be available in some Report on nodes unmanaged in the last X days.

What say you, Thwack Folks?  Yay?  Or Nay?

Level 10

Great idea! We have to leave a trail of most procedures whether it's due to technical reasons or otherwise. Why not use it where it makes most sense? For historical data, this is very promising.

This was put into a very early FR, . Which is being worked on, rschroeder

Thanks.  2012's request for this is a long time ago.  And it's not even possible to vote that request up any more. 


It'd be nice to know this is either going to be provided, or is not ever going to be provided.

Agreed. stevenwhunt​, any comment on this FR vs the old one   ? The latter is in the "What we're working on" status.

Level 13

I know this is something that we are looking at incorporating in a future release. First we wanted to get mute functionality implemented as mutes/reason would be associated with both.

thanks, as always


edit: cobrien​ another example of you guys always being awesome and transparent, but stuff like this helps us understand why (future FR) might have to sit as well. 

Level 7

Not only save time in finding out unmanaged reasons but make management reports much easier to explain. HELP SolarWinds!

Level 14

Yep, I've had to set several servers to unmanaged whilst they are down so that our RAG screen stays all green.  I've had to track these with a spreadsheet.  Having something in SAM would be very useful.

Level 16

LOVE this feedback!!

My team has been asking for this for years....

Level 11

On my team, we unmanage nodes for various reasons and various lengths of time.

We have found that placing a note on a "Last XX Notes" resource on a node details summary page (e.g., 'unmanged until [date] for [ticket or project]') to be helpful when someone looks at a device and wonders why it is down (perhaps hit its remanage time before work was completed) or unmanaged.

Perhaps the tool could create a note in the same fashion to appear in a "Last XX Notes" resource/widget on each unmanaged node's summary page. The widget already includes the user who entered the note and how old the note is. That way, no database schema alterations are needed, and the information goes to a place already used for notes.