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Provide AP information for Cisco Wireless Controllers

Provide AP information for Cisco Wireless Controllers

We have thousands of thin AP's that hang off wireless controllers (5508's).  I would like to see these AP's in manage nodes for serial number, model number, and other details.

If not in manage nodes, then at least available in a report.

This needs to be global, or at least a global option since we would not find it convenient to have to check each controller when we have hundreds of them. 

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This is good stuff. I currently poll for AP Name, Type, Serial #, # of Connected users, etc. It would be much nicer to have more details pulled from the device.

*Consider hardware health for the controller?  Where is that?

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This is from: Pull Thin AP information from WLC

this helps till SW can do HW health, etc...

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Oh yeah, I've been using these for some time. That along with taking syslogs with MAC addresses from the controllers for failed login attempts has helped find out dated credentials on devices causing account lockout.

... but it also generates a $# Ton of Emails... xtra cleanup - and I should probably have a rule there to auto delete anything over 30-45 days.

I recently found pollers for the Power Supplies - had to take it back to the previous Mfgr to find the OIDs.

Cisco Wireless Controller 5500 Power Supply Status Pollers ~ CiscoWireless5500-PowerSupply.UnDP

familyofcrowes​ - Thanks for looking out though!

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This has been out here since 2016.  We use Aruba controllers and have the same need to collect and report inventory information for our thin APs.  Please consider adding this to the wireless_AP information.