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Polling Engine Element Auto Balance

Polling Engine Element Auto Balance

It would be nice to  allow Solarwinds to auto balance elements between pollers.  This would also come in handy if you are building out and add additional pollers and want an easy way to efficiently move devices between the existing and new pollers.  Finally, there could be an option when adding a node to have an Auto Select option for "Polling Engine" to allow Solarwinds to pick the best one. 


gjp1971 This has been a topic discussed for far too long. I will up vote yours, though, there are several other similar such ideas. We need to find the oldest one, and hammer it until it stays on the front page until it gets implemented.

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Community Manager
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I have seen this topic four times already and the fact that in an automated environment we don't have this is crazy. I know we have Firewalls and ACLs but those can all be built into a reachability test before the poller auto-balances or you could have a choice to hard-set a node to a poller so it never moves. Many of us have too many devices to manually keep up with and SAM can get out of hands quick.