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Poll multiple SNMP contexts for a single node

Poll multiple SNMP contexts for a single node

Cisco claims that to be able to poll multiple VRFs, you need to associate each VRF with a context, then poll that context.   At least they're saying that for the Nexus 7K I'm currently working on.   Orion appears to have the ability to support multiple VRF's on a device just fine, but getting good results seems inconsistent from Cisco boxes at least.

Currently Orion only has a single box for putting in a single context.   It would be great if you could have Orion poll multiple SNMP contexts on the same device to get all the VRF's on a box.

I'll provide more context in a discussion that I'll refer to in a reply here.

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Is that a new problem ?

I quite sure it not Nexus or Cisco ...

I've got a similar issue with 9K here: VRF support with Nexus 9K with NX-OS

We're considering assigning a loopback IP per VRF and getting Solarwinds to monitor each VRF as if it is a separate node.

I did actually find a solution that works in my testlab, but not on my production system.  Trying to figure out why though!  

But, I'll go ahead and post it in case it helps someone.   On the Cisco box, you are supposed to use the "snmp-server context" command to associate a context with a vrf.

ie:  "snmp-server context vrf1context vrf vrf1"

But I noticed that you can also associate the context with a routing instance via

snmp-server context bgpcontexts instance 65111

So, if BGP instance 65111 is doing routing for all your contexts, it will expose all the routing for all the contexts to Orion.  

Not sure why it works in dev for me, but not production.

Yea,  I haven't been able to figure out why or replicate in production, even on a new solarwinds server...

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This feature would be really helpful in our environment as well. We have several VRFs with routes that would be good to look at and see if flapping.