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PerfStack Annotations

PerfStack Annotations

Imagine if you could annotate your charts permanently to share common information during troubleshooting or you know you maxed out 24 cores and you want to make sure your co-worker doesn't chase a ghost down a rabbit hole come Monday.

Annotations would be saved, and maybe in subsequent releases also referenced in other charts - viewable globally.

These would be user-generated text-based notes describing or referencing data within Orion; represented on the chart by a graphical-line and maybe symbol (similar to the tab-view symbol pickers).

For example - annotating or "tagging" (I love the concept of perhaps reusable, drag and drop tags) uncharacteristic CPU spikes.

Maybe there is some common data for tracking this issue that needs to be shared with team members and corresponds to a process(es) you've got tucked away into an application monitor.

This would enable you to be able to manually OR automatically reference those metric points or sparse information within the annotation.

Further more this could be spun out into a displayable-table with each annotation listed; with a corresponding view widget that could list the current and past annotations - that could be placed into a view that corresponds to the application monitor or node.

Similar functionality exists within DPA but I'd like to see this extend across the platform and be very open in its utilization.


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