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Orion tool to have all pollers poll a node/IP for performance info

Orion tool to have all pollers poll a node/IP for performance info

It would be helpful to have an Orion web page where a node name/IP can be provided along with connection info (either: ping, or SNMP along with SNMP creds, or WMI along with WMI creds, or Agent info) and optionally a list of which pollers to try to connect to, and when ‘submit’ is clicked, Orion would then use the specified connection info from all selected pollers with the result being one row per poller where each row shows:

  1. poller name
  2. can poller connect/get data from node? yes or no
  3. if ‘yes’, time to get the data (and potentially any errors/issues that might have been encountered)

and from this results page, have a button at the end of each row like ‘assign to poller’ so from all the results page I can easily assign the node to the poller of my choosing.

The reason for this request is we have 7 pollers world wide and we find that pollers physically further away from a node are logically closer than a poller physically closer to a node. Having connectivity/performance info would be very helpful in optimizing our environment.

Also, there are times the network team has added unknown firewall rules to the network blocking some pollers from accessing nodes and today the only option is to manually try assigning a node to each poller to see which can/can't connect (trying to find one that works).

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I think it would be enough to create report for that purposes like below:

Nodes-SolarWinds Orion.png

If you need more sofisticated solution then I'd suggest to create Custom SWQL/SQL Query widget with special query to Orion database.