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Orion Maps - Suggested Nodes Pane

Orion Maps - Suggested Nodes Pane

When creating an Orion Map, it would be nice to have a Suggested Nodes pane, that would open under the Entity Library pane, listing suggested nodes based off of what NPM knows about from the L2/L3 Topology discovery and polling (other nodes that are directly connected) once you highlight a node that has already been added to the map. This would make selecting additional nodes easy and convenient rather than searching for them manually. This could also be an option to pick from the toolbar that would be available after selecting a node that generates a drop-down list of suggested nodes.

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So when I am editing a map, I can click on a node, and its shown in the left hand column, then I can click show connected entities. Is that what you want? Or do you want it to pop by default, and not have to pick the menu item?




@jm_sysadmin, that is the exact functionality I was looking for.  Unless this request gets a ton of support to have it be automatic, I think this fulfills what I was trying to accomplish!  TYVM, for that tidbit.

Glad it helped, I am still learning all the parts and pieces in the latest version of Orion Maps. I like what I see, but I need to keep playing with it to learn it better and use it well. 

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Great job @jm_sysadmin - Thanks for the assist. 

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@jblankjblank  On an enhanced note. Is there a plan for Orion Maps 2.0 or later to automap? I am not saying be NetBrain but somewhat along that idea? Is this a feature request already or should I put that in?

I am not sure how NetBrain does it, how is their automap different from the map on nodes with the found connections? What cool things does it do?

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@jm_sysadmin It actually does a lot. You should look it up on the ole Googles.


@jblankjblank My real question is not are you making NetBrain since it does many things well but are we going to live auto mapping with Orion Maps 2.0 at all?

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Product Manager

@hansolo - NetBrain is certainly a cool product and one which is completely dedicated to mapping which the Orion Platform is certainly not. That being said I believe when you say auto-mapping, that you may be referring to dynamic maps or maps that build themselves? Please correct me if I am wrong. 

The answer is perhaps... you never know what the future may hold. In reference to Netbrain, when they refer to auto-mapping they general refer to dynamic maps. They categorize these in a few different ways but for the most part aren't too different from what Orion does today. For example - Mapping around a single device - this takes a node and adds its immediate neighbors. You can continue to expand this map until it covers the infrastructure you are after. Orion does this today. A map sub-view is available on every entity's detail view and includes more than just topology but also dependencies and application connections. Using the Inspector Panel, users can expand the map further as you troubleshoot an issue. If desired a custom map can be created and saved and added to any dashboard to view later. 

Netbrain has a cool function in which they can generate a map between two endpoints by providing an IP on either side which is pretty cool. Something that we do not have the capability of doing today.

Netbrain mentions mapping based on common attributes. Now Orion allows you to do something similar, but this is a manual process for now and not something that is automatically generated. We certainly have some ideas around this so stay tuned.  We also do not create a map based on incidents but we do allow users to nest maps and alert based on the map itself or any of its members. You can also report on this information like you would for any other entity in Orion.  

We have also recently added the Time Travel feature for maps where you can see what the map looked like prior to an issue or after you made a change. @Dez and @jreves and I have had some great discussions around incorporating NCM and NTA like data into the maps to take this even further.  

There are certainly a lot of opportunities to expand on the maps story and we hope to do so. I think to this point we have provided a good foundation and look forward to providing more feature functionality in the future. Please let me know if you have any further questions.    



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@jblankjblank yes, again was not saying it needed to be Netbrain just that I like the dynamic maps function. I think you are saying there will be things to come and I see you pointed out next hop mapping which is a great start, but yes, NetBrain does some amazing things. Thanks for the write up and the time you took.