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Orion Maps - Physical to Logical Layer status roll-up

Orion Maps - Physical to Logical Layer status roll-up

You can add both Physical and LAG/Port-Channel data as group entities for a link - but if a LAG contains more than 1 physical link and only 1 link goes down (leaving the LAG up - dependant on minimum links config), the colour of the representative line on Orion Maps stays green.  We would like the line colour to change to Orange/Yellow to highlight that one child member (physical link) has gone down.

Product Manager
Product Manager

@alexfoster - it looks like from another post you are running 2020.2 - and while we don't have advanced status roll up within interfaces (like logical links rolling up to physical parent) - you should still see the line change color as it propagates worst status.  Something similar to the following - 


and when back up




Level 9

Yeh, so we like to see the bandwidth over the aggreation link (LAG or LACP).   By only adding the consituent (physical) links, yes the line on the MAP would show red if one link goes down - however if we add the consituent links and the LAG interface - state isnt propagated to the MAP if one of the constituent links go down (because the LAG interface is still up).  Does that make sense.

I would like to see this feature as well!  I have the same issue when viewing from my NOC monitors (MAP VIEW) and not on the Solarwinds dashboard. 

Are you using Enhanced Node Status with Interfaces in the Child Contributors? Surely in that scenario if the interface goes down the node would change to Warning?