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Orion Diagnostics option for sensitive environments

Orion Diagnostics option for sensitive environments

Often times when contacting SolarWinds support they request a copy of diagnostics be uploaded for review.  For those of us that operate SolarWinds in highly sensitive environments we're unable to do so without first redacting environment specific data (hostnames, IP addresses, location information, PII, etc) which can be very time consuming yielding a longer mean time to repair (MTTR).  I'd like to see SolarWinds either add an option to the existing diagnostics tool, or do a separate tool altogether, that pulls data that would be useful for support while excluding/redacting the environment specific data. 


I would like to see Solarwinds Open a Professional Services division for the government organizations, much like what Cisco has done. 

Level 12

with as much business as SolarWinds gets from the federal sector, how is this not a thing?

Level 12

The financial industry has similar requirements, ensuring personal data is not shared.

Level 10

An absolute must have!

Level 16

make totally sense with GDPR