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Orion: AutoRefresh Pause Feature Needed

Orion: AutoRefresh Pause Feature Needed

Hi!  The Autorefresh of every page every xx minutes is driving me crazy today.  I'm researching some events by viewing the event log and I keep loosing my place because the autorefresh keeps taking me back to the beginning.  Can we get a PAUSE button?  Here are some suggestions.  (I can see this rolling out in multiple phases.)

Phase 1

1)  Add a standard <pause refresh> button that is available on every view & show the current refresh frequency for the page.  If pressed, the pause would only be effective for the current user/session.

2)  Add a miscellaneous resource for views that contains a <pause refresh> button that impacts the entire page.  (This would be my 2nd choice, as I do not want to have to update all of our views.)

Phase 2

3)  For each view design,allow an override to the default autorefresh (e.g., no refresh, a different frequency, or default autorefresh (show the default value-greyed out)).  If no refresh is chosen, the user can use IE's refresh button.

Why?  I would use this on several views that I've created in NPM or SAM that show historical information, plus the events page, reports, etc. that do not need to be refreshed very often (if at all).  By refreshing them today, the user loses their place while viewing multiple page/scrolling data.  Also, I have some historical node disk statistic data that times out a lot when it loads.  And this thwart page is refreshing while I'm typing this idea.  Urgh!!  I'm typing in the tags and it scrolls up and places my cursor back in the text.  So now I'm typing in the wrong area!

Phase 3 & beyond

4)  Allow a refresh override for each resource on the page.  Some may be historical information that needs updated less frequently than the entire page.

I think that covers it.

Thank you!!

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I second this!

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Did this ever happen????

A must feature we have seen huge version changes and good features this page refresh feature is very much required.

Product Manager
Product Manager

Curious if adjusting this setting would actually resolve most of the issues with the page refresh mentioned above?


No my friend, it actually delays refresh to 5 minutes for entire website, and in cases we have some pages to be refreshed every 1 or 2 minutes.

For that case this feature would be very useful to pause auto refresh / control specific pages.

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One thing that auto-refresh does is cause extra, potentially unnecessary hits on the database. The idea that users could set a page to refresh only when they want or are looking at it would prevent a lot of searches from being executed on the Orion database. There are plenty of times I have multiple tabs up because I am working multiple issues. My installation would work faster if all the other tabs -- especially when multiplied by all the users logged in along with me -- weren't hitting the database for auto-refresh queries on tabs we aren't even the time.

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There is a plugin for chrome. The Great Suspender - Chrome Web Store

At least its a temp fix