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Option for modifying SNMP fields

Option for modifying SNMP fields

It would be great if SolarWinds NPM (and NCM) allowed us to modify (or override) the SNMP fields that are populated during discovery.  Specifically, I think this would be very handy for the following SNMP fields:

  • Vendor
  • Machine Type
  • Software Version
  • Location
  • Contact

This way, if we have differing ideas as to how to identify a device, each of us could "have our cake and eat it too".   Of course, this would only work if there was a flag to prevent NPM (and NCM) from changing back the fields we overrode ourselves.  Anyway, what you do think about this feature?  If you too like this idea, I'd appreciate your vote very much!!!  Have a great day, everyone!!! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for Voting