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One alerting engine

One alerting engine

I would like to see Orion only have one alerting engine and one place to configure alerts.

Having basic, advanced, syslog, and trap alerts all be different alerting systems with different places to configure alerts and different ways to configure alerts is very confusing and makes managing an Orion system more difficult.

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i wish i can add more votes

alarm message flow is pain  in solarwind.... Solarwind shoud have 1 single bus for events, and make north/southbound snmp/ascii/syslog/email etc..

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Absolutely 1000% agreed.  This folds in very nicely with the Syslog and Trap enhancement thread.

Just saying   I have voted this up already

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but i understand this would require realy require a huge job...i am not sure, if they willgo for it. let see

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I am pretty convinced that overhauling syslog and traps is an underlying step to this, but I could see how they could just unify the UI and ignore the underlying components.  That would make things less optimal though, we want Syslog and Traps to share the same interface *and* potentially a lot of the same underlying features as normal alerts.

Small caveat:  I may be too tired to make sense at the moment..

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I would agree that for a proper solution an overhaul of the syslog and traps would be necessary.  Simply unifying things in the interface would definitely be less optimal; however, it would still be an improvement.

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And I can't disagree with that statement at all.  Merely unifying the interface would be excellent, but we also need to be able to export and import alerts via something sane like CSV or XML and therefore edit them, make them programmatic and be able to manage and audit them with software.  Between all the different alerting engines, I'm confident I'm at over 600 alerts, and I don't care how good you are, managing them with bio-automation is for the birds. 

I cannot stress enough how API would be the holy grail to go along with combining all of the alert functionality for all types of alerting via the web interface.  It is, in fact a prerequisite for building an API for alert provisioning, to go through the standardized SWIS interface, and I'm fairly confident falls in with SW's own internal strategic development direction.

However, less than that would suffice.  Simple tools to select all, import/export multiple alerts from ANY interface, windows userland or otherwise, would be fine, although I think it's a fair assumption to say this feature request and any of it's derivative or complementary aspects would have to be done via unification in the web UI and would therefore make API a slam dunk, from what I understand, all the API bits exposed are essentially functional aspects that the system uses via the web interface when we point and click around.  I could say that API talk is unrelated to this precise feature request, but then again, it's not at all unrelated in the holistic sense that this feature request is all about making the management of these critical aspects of the product more usable and streamlined.  In many ways, the not-so-visible prior enhancements have paved the road for this feature request to be far more achievable than if it had come up 3-4 years ago.

Super good stuff, and super glad to see the feature request / idea process marching on!  We need to get more folks on board this one though   50 is weak considering how integral this really is.

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I like the idea of being able to manage all the alerting in one place. It's a royal PITA as it is now. I really wish the syslog and traps aspects weren't so poorly implemented. They are really difficult to use. Particularly setting up alerts for them.

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Times One Million

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As called-out on our most recent "What We're Working On" post ( we are certainly looking to unify this functionality and move to the web. It's a pretty large undertaking- so your continued feedback is most appreciated.

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Seeing that reports and some alert functions have been "Webified",  I would think that alert UI consolidation is on the stove too. Great comments. And this one is has been marked as "what we are working on" so it looks like the gears are turning.