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Non-recent SNMP polled data should be grayed out

Non-recent SNMP polled data should be grayed out

In NPM, when you set the device status via ICMP instead of the slower SNMP, a device still might shows as up, and the last polled data is being showed on the web page even if the SNMP service on this device is down or frozen. This can be confusing if, let's say, a server when in passive mode doesn't reply to SNMP.

I suggest that after a configurable number of missed polls, the devices still shows up, but all polled data is grayed out to indicate that those values are outdated and might confuse the user. This way we would still get the last polled value if this of any help (usefull if the server froze and no HD space was available), but gives a major hit to the user that this is to be fixed (or not).


I would agree with this assessment and feature request 100%.   


This would be immensely helpful.

I've been using a SWQL resource for this but would agree the child objects should be considered unreachable or unknown.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.37.13 AM.png

--begin code

--Query from volumes and nodes tables with icons and links


I.shortdescription as SNMPStatus

, '/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-' + ToString(I.shortdescription) + '.gif' AS [_IconFor_ChildStatus]

, N.ObjectSubType

, v.caption

, VolumeResponding

, v.LastSync AS VolumeLastSync

, toString(MinuteDiff(lastsystemuptimePollUTC, getutcdate())) + ' Min' AS [Last Poll Delay in Min]

FROM Orion.Nodes N

left outer join Orion.StatusInfo I on I.statusid=N.Childstatus

left outer join Orion.Volumes v on v.nodeid=n.nodeid


(N.nodeid = ${nodeid})

AND n.Status <> 9

AND MinuteDiff(lastsystemuptimePollUTC, getutcdate()) > 3

GROUP BY I.shortdescription, v.caption, lastsystemuptimePollUTC, N.ObjectSubType, VolumeResponding, v.LastSync