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Node and Group Maintenance Mode Improvements

Node and Group Maintenance Mode Improvements

It looks like didn't submit Maintenance Options for Groups as an Idea, which might explain only 5 Kudos there.  I also want to expand on the topic so changed the title.  But read there for additional background.

I think it is time SolarWinds gave some love to the Maintenance Tools.  My suggestions are:

  1. Fix "Unmanage Node".
    • By "fix" I mean, in the past I have seen historical data deleted sometimes, not always, when a Node is set to Unmanaged.  This was many releases back so I would appreciate hearing if anyone knows this has been fixed and does not have that behavior in newer releases.
  2. "Mute Alerts Now" should not overwrite future Mute Alert Schedules.
  3. Improve Maintenance Mode for Groups:
    • The current hoover-over Group name, select "COMMANDS", then "Mute Alerts Now" is misleading.  Why not change the option to "Mute Group Alerts Now".
    • Add "Mute Group Member Alerts Now" option to "COMMANDS" sub-menu.
      • See #2 Above.
      • Selecting this option should roll-down to the Group Members so that viewing a Group Member's Details will reflect that it is Muted at the Group level.
    • Add "Schedule Maintenance" option to "COMMANDS" sub-menu.
    • Create a "Management" widget that can be added to the Group Details pages which includes a "Maintenance Mode" drop-down with the above options.
  4. Add Statuses that reflect Unmanaged and Alerts Muted for Nodes and Groups:
    • Where ever the Status wording is used, instead of "Down" for example, change it to "Down and Unmanaged" or "Down and Alerts Muted"
    • Wherever there are status icons, incorporate a symbol, like the crossed-out speaker for Muted Alerts on the Manage Entities page, into the Status icons.
  5. Add more Maintenance details to "Node Status" and "Group Status":
    • Message that normally reads like "This object is in Maintenance Mode (muted alerts). Alerts for the object will not be triggered." should be expanded to reflect who put it in Maintenance Mode, when the did so and what the Schedule is.  Examples:
      • "Joe Doe placed this object in Maintenance Mode (muted alerts) indefinitely on 2020-08-20 at 7:00 PM EDT."
      • "Joe Doe placed this object in Maintenance Mode (unmanaged) indefinitely on 2020-08-20 at 7:00 PM EDT."
      • "On 2020-08-20 at 8AM EDT, Joe Doe scheduled Maintenance Mode (muted alerts) for this object between 2020-08-20 at 7:00 PM EDT and 2020-08-20 at 9:00 PM EDT."

Need lots of Kudos to get this noticed by SW Development so please do so if you like these ideas.  If you agree with some but not all or have other thoughts, please leave a comment as well.  If you Kudo'd my old post, please Kudo here as well if you still agree.

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Level 9

Would love the ability to add a comment why a node was put in maintenance mode or why the alerts were muted for a node so other engineers were aware of the reason.  Currently use a custom property to record the reason why a node was muted and then an sql query to pull nodes muted with the reason why field and put onto a dashboard  Not great and can be easily forgotten about by some engineers.


Also would like an option to make the until time mandatory as some engineers never put a reason why or an until time so have been caught out when nodes are back in service and go down.

Currently I have two reports, one for muted nodes and one for unmanaged nodes which shows which account unmanaged/muted the node so I can chase the relevant engineer.