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Node Specific Thresholds - v2.0

Node Specific Thresholds - v2.0

I know this has been thought of and there are even existing feature requests, and may even be in the works, but I feel this needs more attention, and perhaps my level of detail will help.

Having a global settings (default) is great, but we need the capability to fine tune the node to specific settings for each hard drive and memory resource.

The easiest way that I could think to do this, is by adding a Thresholds button to the Management panel of the node.


With that button the user is prompted to Enable the Node Specific Settings

Thresholds Dialog.png

After the setting has been Enabled the user can go to the Disk Volumes and modify the default thresholds for the specific object.

Threshold Settings.png

In the Node Thresholds section the user will then be able to modify the thresholds for CPU, Disk, Memory and Response Time.  An additional option for Disk thresholds will be added allowing the user to specify (in MB) the minimum amount free before alerting.  This would be available for EACH object, and can be different between each object.  The option of % Used versus Amount of MB Free is determined by the checkmark next to each option.  If one is checked the other is unchecked.  If neither are checked the default of % Used will apply..

Thresholds Dialog 2.png

Here are some of the other Feature Requests, please be sure to vote for them as well.

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Well explained. Excellent request. I support you %100 percent.

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Well stated!  And I'd like to expand that to individual interface thresholds.  I have some data replication links between data centers that are always near the saturation point.


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Much needed.  Currently this has to be controlled via alert filtering and I think that's totally the wrong place to do it.

I'd also like to see these thresholds presented in the manage nodes page so that we could see all nodes and there thresholds in one spot to adjust as needed.  I'd hate to have to dig in to each node to modify them in bulk.

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That's a great idea.

Great idea! As not all devices, links are equal. Been looking for a way to tweek our SQL servers so they won't keep sending alerts for high memory utilization. Think I've found an additional task add to my to do list. Thanks!

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This post is somehow similar

This is a well defined request and vital for many clients. And I need it now!

I have CPs defined to make alerts work as required for mem, CPU, interfaces and volumes, but the conflicting RAG colours on tables and maps prompt many questions and untold confusion.

Is this on an improvement list?

Is there a work around in the interim to make the custom property thresholds reflect the expected RAG colours?

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Yep, voted for, would be ideal to have this in place.