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Node Custom Property Template

Node Custom Property Template

I have an idea - based on the elements of how network sonar works and how custom properties work.

That idea is:

Can there be a way to configure that when a single custom property is applied that a bunch of other custom properties are automatically added? This could be some kind of template I choose and then apply to nodes as well.

Example: say I set a node to Austin, Texas as a custom property. Therefore all of the other custom properties associated with Austin, Texas I have defined - either via a trigger or via a template I create, can then be applied automatically (or via choosing said template) for that node/group of nodes? This would be similar to multi-edit from managed nodes, but with all the fields filled in. Instead of selecting the fields to change, it would be selecting the fields to remain the same. This would be great to add to the end of network sonar, where nodes can be added but you don't really have a way to tie back custom properties to the creation of the nodes.