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No new features only old problems major release !!

No new features only old problems major release !!


Can we get a summer release that only fix old problems?

new features vs. old problems

No aps No stacks just bugs!!!

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Level 12

Completely agree... appstack, netpath, perfstack are prime examples of this.  Great bells and whistles to lure in new customers and people like managers who like pretty dots, diagrams and pictures but ultimately provides little in the way of enhancing the core functionality of Solarwinds.

One of the worst parts about these posts that have indicated "were working on it" if you ask, no one even gives you a clue as to where the devs are at

Level 13



- Add the ability to manage volumes the same way that Interfaces can be managed

- Allow Group by and sorting of node properties when managing Interfaces and Volumes.

- Add advanced sorting and filtering so that we can group, sort, and filter nodes, volumes, and interfaces by several different properties.  Kind of like how the Custom Property Editor works.

Seriously, this bugs me so danged much.  It is such an important screen within the Orion web console and it has had no major upgrades or fixes since I started working with Orion over 6 years ago.  It's crazy. Especially when you go into the NCM Manage Nodes screen and you can group nodes by three different levels of properties.  Why can't I at least do that in the Orion Manage Nodes screen?

Level 13
One of the worst parts about these posts that have indicated "were working on it" if you ask, no one even gives you a clue as to where the devs are at

Well, one thing SolarWinds will never do is tell you when a new feature or bug fix will be out.  The best they'll ever say is soon, and that is only generally when they are real close.  They never break a promise because they never break a promise.  It's annoying, but I understand why they do it.  With a product this complex sometimes it's not immediately obvious how plausible an idea or bug fix they are working on is to implement for all users until they are far into working on it.  It's better that they keep it real vague and make no promises, otherwise they could get into some pretty deep waters with their customers.

Level 12

I totally get that. Make no expectations expect no expectations. But some of these “we’re working it’s” are so old and have apparently no updates that it seems they’ve been forgotten. The trap overhaul that’s supposedly being worked on is a prime example. I’d happily join a beta program and sign an NDA to be privy to the sort of information.

Level 13

Yeah, I've been on calls with SolarWinds product managers and stuff.  They just don't work that way.  Even on those calls you can't get that kind of info.  They like to stay flexible.  Like I said, it's annoying but that's just the way they work.  Always have and probably always will.

Level 10

- SNMP Traps with advanced alerting

- Monitoring SQL Clusters (AppInsight) using a Orion Agent

- Reporting facility is diabolical. For example, My DBA's would like to write a report on the size of the MDF files across all instances/DBs and the options to do this are just not there, including trend etc.

- 'What were working on' seems to be the equivalent to 'We might work on this when we get bored' (Ive seen 'What were working on' for feature requests that are 4-5 years old)

Its very frustrating when you are in the implementation stages and have just purchased this software to then realize its not all what it was advertised as!

I have asked many queries to many SW (At conferences & via email) and not received any response at all.

as above i am currently implementing the newly purchased SAM solution and already im having to put workarounds in place because the system cannot do the basics, im also having performance issues with my SWDB on Page Writes/sec - My appinsight for SQL for the SolarWinds Orion server will not stop alerting due to this.

Seems like everybody feels neglected by a company/software that was thought highly of by my technical contacts..

Level 16

I was on a call with a product manager and pointed out that features I was waiting on had been 'under development' for years.

They were unaware of the status on thwack

The status has now been reset.

I hate to suggest this, but if you really need a feature reach out to the PM directly

Level 14

We will never see a perfect monitoring product - SolarWinds has hundreds of bugs and nuances that we have to live with.

I find it hilarious though that people are getting intoxicated with the cloud solutions out there - they can't even touch SolarWinds yet.

But one will come along that's not a giant buggy mess of .NET spaghetti code and hopefully save us all with total automation that goes one level higher than SCOM.

A tool that is smarter, that requires little intervention because the developers spend time creating rules and monitors that are second nature for their respective applications.

Anywhoo....I'm with you. There is so much SolarWinds has to do to get to a better point. Right now the Orion application suite is so heavy that it most likely needs to be rewritten. Just as SCOM needs a complete rewrite for the web UI. Such heavy, heavy applications have no business in 2017.

Open up the Azure console, this what the future will resemble. Lightweight, browser based, totally automated. We are years away from the perfect monitoring solution where we hand a tool proper credentials and it does its thing, server by server. Exactly what SCOM does but on a higher level.

Level 12

What we're working on tag at SW means that 1/100th of the features that need serious attention, will ever get it.  Instead, as others have pointed out, 0 commitment is made, and 0 work is done to core features that have needed attention since 2007/8.  Such as Core Trap Receiver, Core Syslog (so incredibly broken it's funny, including the almost useless "Search Syslog Messages" page.

There are quite a few great performance enhancements, diagnostics capabilities (Hubble), and some significant performance at scale in the last 10 years, and yet there are many, many, completely broken aspects.

1)  Web Reporting UI / features / capabilities.  Where to even start with that pile of steaming ****.  How about, just ****ing implement the core features of Report Writer faithfully, instead of implementing this multi-screen **** that can't even do the simple things it's predecessor has done.  I've talked with plenty of support people who more or less share as much of the same opinion as they can on a recorded call.

2)  Some of your call centers are staffed by people with atrocious skills, to the point where they don't know how to guide anyone trying to solve a business problem anymore.  Subtle Hint, it's not Cork, or Austin.

3)  Scheduled Reporting, exports of charts / graphs or tangible data in the form of CSV.  More mostly broken lukewarm ****.

4) Bloat creep.  Back in 2007, the platform had far fewer sub-components and features (both included and separately licensed).  These days, it's nuts.  Strong Recommendation to take the sort of modular product, and have the config wizard actually not start up components that are unused and not even turned on globally.

5)  Some segregation is good, some less good.  How many tables exactly do we need for data related to a single node?  How many tables do we really need with 3-5 columns? 
Why is it the Websites table is still irrevocably broken and has to keep autopopulating the windows server name (which means basically *NOTHING* to a web based application?

These are all obvious things that I'm certain senior support staff have brought to dev attention, and there's a myriad of issues still remaining as "what we're working on" feature request that get crapped on so we can have built in wireless AP monitoring (obviously for large and small Enterprise customers).  Like, great, I'm sure that got you guys into places and more market share, but please get to fixing all of the ridiculously broken **** and start trimming down the bloat so that each customer has a custom environment that suits their actual needs.


Level 12

I don't care what sort of verbal commitments are made, I care about progress on these ancient core functionality issues

that keep getting stuffed for crap that fills checkboxes so people who haven't even used the application or paid for it,

get all excited about how good it looks on paper.

I care about the fact that the 20% maintenance we practically throw away, only goes to development for these people who

aren't customers, while decent sized customers spending 10-50K a year on maintenance renewals keep getting the shaft.

As an overall package, Orion NPM is okay. 

Decent as long as you ignore all deficiencies and can put up with complete non-usability for any sort of push traffic, traps and syslog.

I can promise that while I've had SW and recommended it for the better part of 10 years, at this point quite a few other platforms have

virtually all the functionality that *actually works* in SW, and I don't see a compelling reason to stick with a platform that after 10 years,

is still all about the hand waving, glitz, and high pressure sales, and not about a ton of core features that are actually critical to the operation

and management of a network.  At least with the old style report wizard, you can save the SQL off to a script and cron it off-board to get delivered

as a proper CSV.