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Network Discovery - ignore interfaces

Network Discovery - ignore interfaces

We run scans nightly on our network to ensure we have all the devices on the network managed within our SolarWinds installation.

When you go to add the devices you are given the opportunity to unselect certain ports/interfaces etc.  BUT you are not given the opportunity to ignore these same things.

This would be a really useful feature as it would mean no more scans would appear with the Disk Drive being monitored...or the floppy drive!

Level 8

Hi there,

You can of course add a single volume or interface to the ignore-list which can be quite time consuming when there´s a bunch of devices.

For some volumes it would be better to have a global ignore list (like A: ^^)

Hope this help,

rgds, richard

Level 12


This has been fixed in NPM 12 with a discovery profile for automated imports.

Works a charm, most the time.