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Network Atlas Update?

Network Atlas Update?

Any plans to enhance Network Atlas?  It's a pretty old interface now - compared to the rest of NPM.  The copy/paste is flakey - doesn't paste in a predictable place.  I can't right click and duplicate.  Can't draw a line.  Very clunky.  If you could make it more like visio look & feel, that would be great.

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Level 11

if I could up vote this 1million times I would.

Level 10

Also a Mac version of the app.

Level 12

Also throw in some simple paint functionality - draw boxes, circles, lines ...

It would be so great!!

Merci beaucoup!!

Level 8

Maby Network Atlas could be made as a plugin to Visio(?)

Level 9

Also stop text from realigning itself every time map "dimensions" change. Nothing I like more than doing that over and over every time we have to add a node to a map.


this is a no brainer, the whole solarwinds product range would benefit greatly from some great NOC diagrams knocked together with a better version of Network Atlas that makes creating diagrams a pleasure for your infrastructure.

It is a must to enhance the Network Atlas now to keep pace with new Orion UI.

Product Manager
Product Manager

This is something we are working on.  There is a similar thread here:   

Level 11

I Linux version would be useful!