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Network Atlas Overhaul

Network Atlas Overhaul

Think it's time for Network Atlas to adopt new features as well as a new interface !!

It seriously lacks graphical capabilities.

Features to be added -

  • New icon libraries with the feature to add custom ones
  • Selection of graphics for a group of devices (eg all routers) - currently it is one at a time.
  • Sizing of graphics
  • Align object icons to grid

I'll #bumpsquad​ this, in general Atlas does tend to look pretty dated. The fact that we have to use things like visio and/or just to make the map to pull  back into atlas speaks volumes on how it could be improved

Product Manager
Product Manager

We have big plans for this and while we can't share too much for the time being we really appreciate the feedback and would like even more details.  We have a call for research out to the community, looking for all you can give us on Network Atlas.  Please use the following to provide thoughts and earn some extra Thwack points for doing so!!

Show us your Network Atlas maps and get 500 thwack points!  


Great ..

I think in Show us your Network Atlas maps and get 500 thwack points!  quite a lot of cool features have been suggested.

It would be really nice to see some of them in the upcoming Atlas


Level 10

Network Atlas is near useless to us in it's present iteration. The inability to see utilization on a path when just one side of the link is monitored is mind boggling. We would also like to be able to change the link scale and the color template.

Product Manager
Product Manager

Thank you, we appreciate the feedback.  This is a very well understood feature request and something we hope to address.  In Network Atlas today, you would need to create a manual link, and use custom variables instead of standard labels to visualize this today.  So create the manual link, and then right click and select properties.  Adjust the assignment to the interface of choice, and then add multiple labels.  These labels could be a variable such as ${OutPercentUtil} which would populate the polled value within the map. 

Interface variables for Network Atlas tooltips

Again we are certainly working on improvements around this process if not a complete change in how we do it.  Thank you for sharing what would be critical for you.  Stay tuned...

Level 10


I would like to see Orion and specifically Atlas, be able to see connections using the BGP table.

Connections that are MPLS/BGP/Tunnel do not have "point to point" interface connections. Therefore Orion and then Atlas cannot see the "L3" connections. They do not exist!

Could you please update the capability to read the mibs on the routers to see those connections?

That makes it easier to see the connections.  After all, in a custom fashion, I already look at the BGP connections for a status of "established" so that I can at least see the Tunnel!

Thanks for the ear!


I know this has been mentioned by others before me, but I would love to see the ability to add Link Utilisation when I am monitoring one side of the link. I know I can add labels and interface variables, but for a NOC View WAN map this is just not the same as having lines that dynamically change their colour based on Link utilisation. This is the one feature I am asked about by every customer when I create a WAN map and cannot stress enough how much I want this feature added. Perhaps this won't be such a game changer for everyone but it would certainly make my life easier.



Any update for all Thwackians on when to expect an shiny new Atlas  

Product Manager
Product Manager

Unfortunately we are never able to provide time frames but I will tell you that work is under way.  When it is possible, we will certainly share more. 

Level 13

Here's a little tweak I'd like to see (since most of the major things have already been covered in detail by others and even me):

On the left-hand side of the program, where you browse for objects to place on the map, when you expand a node to view its child elements (i.e. Interfaces, hardware sensors, etc...), please make Interfaces the very first grouping.  Because we own UDT, when you expand a node in our Network Atlas program the first grouping is Ports, meaning a lot of times you'll accidentally drag and drop the port onto the map thinking its the interface. 

I myself have done it a few times but luckily caught it and fixed it before saving the map, but I've had several Network Engineers do this when building maps.  It's an easy mistake to make.  I've even had this break a map before where to fix it I had to manually edit the XML file so that the map would open and not keep locking up Network Atlas.  I can't think of hardly any scenario where I'd want a UDT port on a map anyways...

Basically just make the child element trees display in the order of the most commonly used types of objects for map building.  Nodes > Interfaces - SAM Components - Hardware Sensors - etc...