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Network Atlas Overhaul

Network Atlas Overhaul

Think it's time for Network Atlas to adopt new features as well as a new interface !!

It seriously lacks graphical capabilities.

Features to be added -

  • New icon libraries with the feature to add custom ones
  • Selection of graphics for a group of devices (eg all routers) - currently it is one at a time.
  • Sizing of graphics
  • Align object icons to grid
Level 11


Feature to import new nodes on the network maps automatically will be great !!

Like we run Network Sonar Discovery and import nodes using "Automatic defined settings", once they are added in DB, ability to import those new nodes on Atlas automatically will be great.

Level 8

I agree the ability to import new nodes to the maps automatically is a must!

Product Manager
Product Manager



Thanks for the feedback!  Can you share some real life use cases where this would make sense?  Are you looking to run new discoveries directly from a map?  I assume scheduled discoveries could be used to pull the new assets into Orion.  If this is the case, are you looking for the ability to define what objects are dynamically added to a map?  Would this be similar to dynamic queries for Groups?  Since these entities are automatically being added to a map, where would you want them placed?

New commenter here! As far as feature set goes, I would love to see the world map functionality integrated as an optional backdrop for the new maps. Our network spans about 50 square miles, and we have nodes all over town/out in the countryside that feed each other in fiber and wireless rings. Being able to visualize the impact that an outage has on those rings and see how our nodes are interacting with each other in the real world would be fantastic. Selection of different types of map imagery would also be useful, such as satellite, road map, topographical, hybrids, or (this would be the holy grail) weather/radar overlay. I know there are several map API's out there, between google, arcmap, openstreetmap, bing, etc.. perhaps one or several of them has the proper functionality to do this and draw nodes/links on top? Perhaps in this case the network objects and the background imagery would both have an adjustable opacity setting, depending on the user's focus?

Also, this may already exist and I don't know how to do it, but many of our links don't appear when using connectNOW. Is there a way I can define two interfaces as being connected to each other even if the autodiscovery fails to associate them? We have some Dragonwave and Redline radio links that we'd like to be able to visualize.


Product Manager
Product Manager

Welcome to the family allenrollings.  These are some fantastic ideas and we appreciate the feedback.  It would be great to chat more in depth about how you are using maps today, and what you would like to see in the future.  Please feel free to direct message me your contact info and I can add you to my list to reach out as we work toward the next generation mapping.  We are hard at work as we speak and may have something new to share very soon

As far as the manual links, there is not an elegant way of performing this task today.  It can be accomplished and I might suggest reviewing this basic concepts video to help (35 minute mark for the Maps portion):  SolarWinds Technical Training: Customizing the Orion UI - YouTube

The video is a bit older but the concepts still apply.  Again, we are working to make dramatic improvements in this area, and understand that it cannot come fast enough.  We appreciate the details in which you shared.  Please keep it coming. 

Level 9

Manual creation of new links that aren't auto discovered between network devices would be awesome.

Currently we have situations were GRE tunnels are being used, and they aren't detected by solarwinds for mapping purposes.

Also, we're heavily using "ip unnumbered" on interfaces between network devices. When used on a parent interface (ex. Ethernet1/25), it won't be detected in solarwinds as a link. This is true even if the subinterface (ex. Ethernet1/25.2) has an IP address on it. If there was a way to manually create this link and associate the interfaces so that statistics work correctly, then that would be great as well.

Product Manager
Product Manager

Great info! Thanks for sharing! Just to extend this a bit further...  If you had a method for doing this manually, you are looking for an ability to dictate the interface on either side and have that look the same as any other auto-connected topology link correct? If you had multiple maps with this same potential connection, meaning the two devices that you drew a connection between were a part of other maps, would you want that new connection to show up on every map, or just this map? If one side of the connection is removed from Orion or has changed, would you expect the entire link to disappear automatically? If you are manually drawing these connections, would you be OK with having to manually remove them from each map if there was a change in your environment? 

Level 9

Correct. If one was able to dictate the interfaces and it showing up with the "bandwidth loading" scheme like it was auto detected.

For my use, I would only want that link to show up on that map. We're looking to make customer specific maps and different customers could be using different paths.

If one side of the connection is removed from Orion or changed, I would expect the link to show an error with dotted lines like it is showing now. Manual removal / adjustment is OK.

Product Manager
Product Manager

Great info Jasper - appreciate the detail!