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Network Atlas - Bring to Front/Send to Back.

Network Atlas - Bring to Front/Send to Back.


I'd like to see a Bring to Front/Send to Back feature in Network Atlas. I've created a map with link utilization giving a visual representation of major WAN connections but there are two problems:

  1. L2/L3 links for some reason are always on top of other objects.
  2. New objects added to a map are always on top of existing objects - you have to delete the existing object(s) and re-add to make them on top. Not very convenient.


As you can see, the L2/L3 links are always on top. There's no Bring to Front/Send to Back option.


This has been needed.

Level 9

Definitely a quality of life change that is needed.  If layers are going to exist, they shouldn't be assigned arbitrarily and invisibly.  Pretty new to Network Atlas and this came up very early in my testing.  I had one node for the device itself and three smaller icons for each of the WAN circuit interfaces on it.  I found that the map background was bleeding through the cracks between my text boxes' blank white backgrounds.  I tried creating one large text box with a white background to put behind all of the labels so they would have a continuous box, but it was stuck on top of the labels and I couldn't move it behind.

I ended up making the borders of the text boxes 3 pixels wide and white as well instead of a large background text box, this worked for my use.  In the future I will probably create the large "background" text box first, then create my nodes with labels that will go over top of it after.

Level 7

Please   One thing I've learned is it's easier to copy items onto a New Blank map to act as a "workspace".  You can then copy the items back in the order you need to achieve the appropriate layering.