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Netscaler Load Balancing support

Netscaler Load Balancing support

Currently F5 is supported. Can we add netscalers?


I would loooooooove to have this!

Level 7

Been asking for this for years! ... be nice to have LB Vserver and Service Group "Pool" status...... Additionally we also use the Gateway for VPN ... Be great to see that online / users etc.

Level 9

We did get a custom poller working for the netscaler that shows us the health of the VIP's. Our monitoring guy has a ticket open with them on how to configure alerting based on health still though.


Level 10


would you mind sharing how you got the VIP up/down and health displayed like this?

Did you ever manage to figure out how to get alerts going on the VIPs?

Any help would be appreciated!

Level 9

Let me get the details from my monitoring guy who set it up. As for the alerting solarwinds came back and said the best way to do that is through SNMP traps sent from the netscaler and then setup alerts on the traps.

Level 9

Here is what he gave me.

  1. It is done thru the “Orion Universal Device Poller”.
  2. Right click on the MIB Name on the left bottom corner.

3.  Change the Name to what you want it to be displayed as in the resulting table.

   For the Status and Health columns, we changed the name of:

vsvrState = Status

vsvrHealth = Health

In order to display the table, you need to right click on the MIB Name from step 1, but select “Web Display” from the drop down box and choose what Dashboard you would like the table to appear on.

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