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Netpath probe on Linux / Raspberry Pi

Netpath probe on Linux / Raspberry Pi


Could you please let me know when you're likely to implement Netpath probe installs on Linux. Would be very useful to have the ability to install probes on Raspberry Pi.

I hear that Linux functionality is already in place for the collector agents.



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The same request was already created!

Level 14

The Raspberry Pi support is there for the agent, but Linux (ARM processors or otherwise) does not support Netpath.  I think we need the #bumpsqaud​ to attack this one for cobrien​. I know how much he loves to be reminded that zackm​ and I *really really* want that feature.

I would still to this day love to see a netpath agent for a pi

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Linux netpath would be sick!  My company an army of linux appliances deployed and it would be super-useful to be able to use them to gather path data and metrics...

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Community Manager
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Hi Guys. Any news? 🙂