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Netpath on Linux/Raspberry Pi

Netpath on Linux/Raspberry Pi

It would be great to be able to deploy Netpath nodes as little Raspberry Pi boxes all over the network. A Linux version could also be run in Docker, which would allow it to be easily placed directly on some routers or the cloud for remote path monitoring. 


Linux Agent support didn't make it to the final release of SAM 6.2.4, but expect it to be in the next release and for precisely this reason, I would hope the Linux agent will support NetPath functionality.

Level 10

The majority of our systems are Linux and we have scientific collaborations world-wide, and we have several remote locations for experiments. These are all using Linux systems, so a Linux probe would be extremely useful. We develop out own Linux OS distribution tailored to our scientific mission, but it is based on Red Hat open source.

Level 15

Are there locations in your network that you want to be the source of a path that do not have a Windows machine present?

Level 8

There are locations in the network where I don't have a reliably turned on windows machine present -- all of the access switches. I would love to stick a Raspberry Pi connected directly to the switch in every closet and branch and run Netpath from those to our servers. It would give a really solid picture of end-user experience from every switch on the network.

Level 13

I can definitely see doing this for remote sites.

Level 10

Please make this a priority! Many of us would rather deploy lightweight linux machines as netpath probe sources.  Without this functionality it is hindering our ability to deploy and make use of this awesome new tool.

Level 9

linux support for the netpath agent would be very useful.

Level 8


Please add linux support.

Level 10

Having support in the linux agent would be amazing, we have a number of isolated areas of the networks that consist solely of linux and checking/confirming what they can talk to would be really helpful.

Level 14

I am guessing we'd either need the source code or someone to build this with Raspberry Pi ARM architecture in mind.

So guys, any chance of getting our hands on the source?

I'd be more than happy at having a crack at compiling it for various Raspberry Pi distros and sharing the binaries back on Thwack.