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NetPath to display a 301 redirect

NetPath to display a 301 redirect

Have NetPath follow a 301 redirect.  If we add a service for sat port 80 and that service uses a 301 redirect to, it would be great if the NetPath display that there is 301 redirect at the end so we know the 301 redirect response is being sent.

GoDaddy (for instance) is bad about their 301 redirects not functioning properly.

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Can you explain more on this...

Level 9

In our instance, the Marking departments has a domain (let's call it  Then they register a second domain ( and set up the website to use a 301 redirect so redirects you to  So you cannot just change the DNS point because they are flipping it from http to https.  This requires the redirect.

I can put both mydomain1 and mydomain2 in NetPath but if the redirect isn't working I cannot see that.

I monitor the sites in NPM and also Web Performance monitor.  It would just be nice to see that on the NetPath as well.

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