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NetPath Resource to add to Dashboards

NetPath Resource to add to Dashboards

I would like a way to add the netpath picture/map/path onto a dashboard providing a true end-to-end look including applications, WPM transactions, HTTP IPSLA's, and the like


Good one. I've been looking in to something similar for a THWACKer, who asked if you could get a path up as a map. A lot of head scratching later, I have to admit defeat. I can get it working by using a custom HTML resource which embeds a specific path URL, which could work in a NOC view (of the width and high HTML code is set accordingly), but it's fiddly to do.

I thought I was missing a trick, and downloaded the latest Atlas, hoping it would be a simple matter of locating the paths and dragging them, but they only appear as status icons, not the full paths

Please add this in!

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+1 for silverbacksays​. My vision of the future for NetPath is a map view of all of the endpoints and their status checks.  If one of those points happens to be yellow/red then you could drill into it and investigate which service was generating the path degradation.

I think that would be especially valuable for outside-in monitoring for web services hosted by a company but would be equally powerful for geo-distributed locations that relied on SaaS solutions to operate. (Think or other business critical apps.)  I imagine a tie-in with the WPM and/or Pingdom would be a natural progression as well. 

Could you imagine the awesomeness of Pingdom alerting you to some sort of change in the response time of a website and then, via hoverover, getting a DPI-esque compass that said "Yep, NetPath degradation is occurring" and then being able to dig into the network side or "Yep, it is some sort of non-network infrastructure (aka not tied to NetPath)" and then being able to dig into AppStack to investigate the root cause?

It makes me giddy just thinking about it!

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Everyone should be on board with this... Vote Up!

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It's certainly possible... the displays it on the NPM sumary page. But recreating it is not being the easiest to setup..
Any instructions would be gratefully received


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The OrionDemo is just using a PNG file.  They created a custom resource and pointed to an image of the NetPath services.

<a href="/ui/netpath/"><img src="../DemoServer/images/custom_resources/netpathCustomResource.png" title="NetPath" width="475" height="270"/></a>

Aye, they cheated

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And there's my hopes dashed!

Well let's hope it's and easy feature to implement

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jbiggley  GREAT idea, the potential is endless.  Also, I think the ability to alert on a netpath status would be helpful.  A resource with all your paths in mini form for a summary dashboard and then the alerting for when one is in distress....

You can add the NetPath endpoints into Orion groups, but it doesn't appear to show any kind of status information this way, which is a real shame:



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Thank you very much for the information.

sad to know that you can not configure