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NetPath Enhancements & Scaling

NetPath Enhancements & Scaling

NetPath has been around for over 2 years now .. is the time ripe now to add some more features ? Some of the feature requests may have already been requested but maybe consolidating them will help

  • NetPath via the Probe Proxy configuration. It may so happen that the Probe is in a different location and uses a Proxy server to reach out to a web service via a proxy. NetPath probably needs to add a Proxy configuration setting for the probe itself.
  • Number of NetPaths per Probe (Current limit of 10 paths per core or maybe 20 NetPaths per probe) - Some of us may need to dedicate a system just to do NetPaths for maybe even as high as 50 services from a location or site.
  • Large scale of Probes per Orion installation (not sure what the current number is), but say can we do over 1000 probes deployed over a single Orion install.
  • NetPath NOC Views / Dashboards / Displays
  • NetPath Reports for Services configured with an option to filter the Service and Probe location
  • NetPath Reports in PDF formats for submission as evidence for deficient services (Mainly Service Provider focused)
  • Historical NetPath Reports
  • Enhanced NetPath alerts - Example: alert if NetPath service has latency >100 ms for >10 minutes for any or specific hop, Alert if service has packet loss of >5% for >5 minutes for any hop
  • NetPath for MultiCast
Level 16

This addresses

  • NetPath NOC Views / Dashboards / Displays


Yes, was aware of this feature request with plenty of folks suggesting "html" skills, "powershell" skills, "python" skills. Solarwinds needs to provide that "ease of use" functionality for "all of us" to put up a NetPath on a dashboard.

We simply need a "Bump" on NetPath



Is anyone aware of the sizing guidelines for the Number of NetPath probes -

  • Resource impact on the NPM server (CPU, Mem)
  • Resource impact on the DB server (Size)
  • Maximum Number of NetPath Probes (with the default settings of 10 mins polling per service)

One very large multi-location installation of Solarwinds, is looking forward to deploy large number of NetPath monitors (over 2000 services to be monitored)

Thwackers, need your guidance.

Level 12

RaviK great feedback


NetPath scaling guidelines anyone? Need the scaling guidelines per multi-module installation desperately







Level 15

Here you go: NetPath requirements

This has scalability guidelines and DB storage estimates.  Thanks for all the feedback too!

Level 8

I would like to see the ability to sort the list of NetPath Services alphabetically or by status.

Level 8

Historical NetPath Views would be helpful

Level 11

I thought this had come up elsewhere, but I cant find it now so here it is - NetPath in PerfStack. cobrien​ - Is this under consideration?

Level 7

Please increase the maximum nb of paths per PE to at least 250.