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Native LPAR view for AIX systems

Native LPAR view for AIX systems

Something that makes these application monitors part of NPM or SAM:



Issue:  When monitoring an AIX server that is an LPAR on a larger system, the SNMP stats are of the larger system making it so that every server on the larger system has the exact same statistics for CPU and memory.  This makes us look like fools in a metrics presentation....  (at least I did)

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It's interesting that there are not many options for monitoring IBM Power Virtualized hardware.  The only one I know is IBM Systems Director.  We own Solarwinds and OnCommand Balance from Netapp.   Neither can show me a view of statistics for a whole Power frame/environment, in other words, the actual physical resources available/used.  All of the monitoring/performance software I have found can only query the LPAR statistics, which provides limited value.  Adding the perl code to monitor commands like "lparstat", "topas -C", nmon, and others is really needed to expand Solarwinds to IBM Power.  My management is looking for precisely the information and format that Solarwinds already provides, but for our IBM Power systems.