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Native Dell iDRAC NPM Monitoring

Native Dell iDRAC NPM Monitoring

We are in the process of re-working our Orion monitoring for all devices we monitor.  As such we have looked to Dell for suggested methods of monitoring their servers.  They highly recommend that monitoring be performed through the iDRAC rather than directly to the server itself.

Inquiring with SolarWinds Support they informed me that NPM does not natively poll iDRACs.  Especially since way back in 2012 there is a press release announcing "SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor Now Certified in Dell Systems Management Technology Partner Program" (

While I do realize there are ways of building this monitoring out using other tools including SAM and SNMP monitoring, it would really be nice to see this recommended monitoring method supported by their partner, SolarWinds.

What do you guys say to drumming up a whole lot of votes for this idea so that SolarWinds gets on board with it?

Level 12

This would be nice...

Level 7

It is a good idea indeed. Because it's a big lack in Orion

This would be great to have this added feature

Level 9

Agree, this would help out many of the clients I come across that want this feature/ability.