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NPM View Templates - exportable, customizable, etc.

NPM View Templates - exportable, customizable, etc.

Today, we make a view and then customize all of the modules within a view.

I'd like to see a way to export an entire view (either per tab or the whole view) to then import into another solarwinds install. This way we could have an equivalent "mini app store" which can import someone else's template to make a view. Plus this would be nice if we added ​ (another FR of mine) to be tied back to this, so we can customize the results.

One can hope, anyway! Thus this FR! tulsi​ making a FR about what we discussed

I could see this being done a as a content exchange on thwack not unlike how you grab templates for SAM applications. However, this would be a great way to let other people showcase their ideas of how to set up their NOC views, etc.


This has been on my list for a while... I think it should also be on the #bumpsquad​ too.

alexslv​ I bet you could get some use out of this, right?

Morning bump! #qol#bumpsquad​ assemble!

"To the front page?" bump...


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Glad you created this FR designerfx​! Tagging meech​ to see this too.

This is a great Idea.....   #bumpsquad

Wluther, thanks for mention. Crazy, but I didn't get to the point of hacking THIS one yet ... and yes, it has been on my list for some time. I do many deployments and every-time I have to re-create the whole thing from scratch. At the moment I use "pen-and-paper" (or Confluence in a modern world) - see screenshot below how I document. Takes about couple hours to deploy once everything is properly documented - not a huge pain, needs to be done once - so, for now I can live with that, but it would be awesome to have native templates

What I have notice though that if you will rename title of any resource you then lose reference for it and it is then nowhere found via UI. Therefore, when I document things I lookup in [Resources] table exact names for the resources. I have also pasted below SQL script which will help you to extract this data, as well as all settings for each resource ([ResourceProperties] table). Export it into Excel and then you have it documented. I go a bit extra mile and do Confluence as well, which helps me to keep things simple, as Excel can get a bit messy/lengthy and not easy to work with



Audit all views and resources











,r.[ResourceName] --system

,r.[ResourceTitle] --custom





FROM [Resources] r

JOIN [Views] v ON v.ViewID = r.ViewID

LEFT JOIN ResourceProperties rp ON rp.ResourceID = r.ResourceID


  --v.ViewTitle LIKE '.%'

  --v.ViewID = '242'


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I just came back from vacation to see this thread.  Love!

Voted up bump !


Love this idea

alexslv​ I do something similar as well, although, not as fancy as you. I just keep it all in SolarWinds, and have a couple of views I use to keep track of other views, and find the resources/files I need to work on.

I am really looking forward to the SDK being able to reference a couple of view/resource related tables... But, for now, I just do the old CTRL-F, and search the page for the resource number I am looking for.


And here, I can search through, sort, and filter all of my views, create new views, and edit existing views. The only thing I have not been able to include is the deletion of views from this page, so I still use default view manager to delete them. I can also tell how many times certain pieces of views, or resources are used, or how many tabs are included in a view. While it is not as helpful as some of the other things, I have used it enough to justify the 15 minutes it took to put it together...


Since I use SWQL query resources on nearly all of my views, I also keep this query handy to help me to easily find, and copy, the queries I use on other pages. Yes, I know it is messy, but until they include this in the SDK, I am stuck with having to use a SQL report from Orion Report Writer. (I suppose I could move it over to just a table query/web report, now that I think of it...)


Glad to see I am not the only one using such methods. I really hope this FR catches some momentum, and we get some new toys soon!!

Thank you,