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NPM True node status - Poll & Alert with BOTH ICMP & SNMP

NPM True node status - Poll & Alert with BOTH ICMP & SNMP

Previous to NPM 10.7 you would poll a node via ICMP.  While a node might be ping-able, that did not mean NPM was able to gather stats via SNMP.  In other words, you would loose true visibility of your environment and have no idea it had happened.

In NPM 10.7, Solarwinds introduced the ability to poll a node via ICMP OR SNMP.  While this is a fantastic option, we quickly realized this was still not ideal and we could still not be aware of the true state of our environment.  In the case of polling a device with only SNMP, it the SNMP process had an issue, the node could appear offline, which is a lot more critical than the SNMP process daemon just having issues.  But without an ICMP to go along with the SNMP poll, you wouldn't have a clue - SNMP might have failed making the whole system appear down.

So we'd like to have the option of using ICMP as the up / down polling method, but have NPM track the SNMP polling method as well and as soon as data is not longer returned - report it as a SNMP polling issue, not necessarily as a node down issue.

See thread here where I discuss it - NPM Alert on Node UP (Ping) SNMP DOWN (unknown / unresponsive)

Level 12

Downvoted because using ICMP data alone to determine device up/down would be a step backwards. As there have been many threads in which users requested to ignore ICMP timeouts when SNMP response is still working fine.

The ideal way to decide device up/down should include a combination of both SNMP & ICMP. If either of these two probes responds, the device is UP. If both of them fail, the device is down.

Sorry to downvote.

Level 14

I think perhaps you missed the intent. We need a third option when setting up a node. That option is to poll the node with ICMP AND SNMP.

Alerting in Orion has always been a separate process. So once we have the ability to poll the node using both methods at the same time, you can alert however you want.

Hopefully you will upvote now

upvote as I care about both node up (ICMP) and the ability to poll volumes, interfaces, etc (SNMP) and we need better visibility into when the later is unreachable.

Level 12

Agree. I thought you meant to disable the existing alert by SNMP status. Ideally the node down alert should be sent if only both ICMP and SNMP probes fails.

Level 13

Maybe someone can clarify this, but I thought that polling by SNMP already included ICMP polling -- I've had plenty of instances where SNMP has stopped responding, but the box still shows 'UP' because NPM is still using ICMP for basic host reachability.  So I think you're already getting what you want out of the box.  The reason for the change in 10.7 was so that you could have SNMP without ICMP, due to firewall restrictions or whatever.

Level 18

See my long-winded response here:

But the upshot is that you don't need a feature request. There's a separate alert you can enable that tells you how SNMP is doing. Combined with regular old ping you should be fine.

Level 10

Ditto what Leon said.   I won't dismiss the idea completely, but for myself, a quick SAM monitor that polled via SNMP for something simple and standardized, per machine type, was all I needed to implement.   For us, ICMP reports node is absolutely up/down, SNMP SAM monitor alerts when SNMP polling has become adversely affected for any reason.

Level 11

SNMP-based polling technically has a higher priority on some managed nodes; making it slightly more reliable on targets with high system utilization; the down side (in addition to what was already stated) is that SNMP-only availability polling also incurs more overhead than ICMP echoes.

In theory; the tool already knows when a target has ceased to respond to SNMP queries, so this should be visible for use in alerting and should be intuitively displayed in the node status and node detail views for operations staff to recognize in the Orion web console.

Level 16

The SAM app is great, but it is also an extra step and an extra alert.  To have all this in the node setting would be easy, and thats what SW is all about, doing a great job and making it as easy as possible...

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