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NPM NetScaler Info

NPM NetScaler Info

Similar to the idea, it would be very nice to have more Citrix NetScaler info in NPM. The SNMP OID info is well documented for them: It's really just a matter of displaying it well.

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Level 12

C'mon Solarwinds!?

Level 8

Solarwinds, Please!!!!
Just saw the new F5 integration in NPM 12... That is exactly what we want for NetScaler...

Can you comment on this? - is it on the drawing board?

Level 7

We run several Netscaler SDX appliances.

Would be nice if Solarwinds integrate Netscaler support!

Level 7

I need this in my life.

Level 10

I have counted 4 feature requests for NetScaler now.  I hope someone at SW is able to see the number of votes should be higher.

Obligatory Friday bump!

It's brand new week. Let's bump it!

Level 10

I spoke to the Dev team at SW about this.  They are telling me the normal "we can't say anything until it is a RC" but it didn't sound like it was at the top of the list.  I have a meeting today with the UX team so I'm going to drop this on them as well. 

mikesky​ Viva la NetScaler!!!

Tuesday sliiiiiiiiiiiide & BUMP!!!