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NPM Monitor Cisco ACI

NPM Monitor Cisco ACI

Would like NPM to poll the API for the Cisco APIC controllers. to gather stats and information about ACI.

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I would love to have this feature.

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Would be a great feature to have

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Last year,I had couple of sessions with Solarwinds team from US but I havent received any confirmation on the timelines. this is very essential for us. Currently we are using sciencelogic for ACI monitoring and for rest of the devices, Solarwinds has been used. If Solarwinds can support ACI then it will be great to have visibility from hybrid environment.

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Still no news about his ....

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NPM needs to know about Cisco ACI...please work this.

You can monitor ACI on the APIC level if you have SNMP enabled. SNMP access however is dependent on what contract you have.

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Hello Deltona,

Could you please elaborate on the specifics of what you've done to make it work at the APIC level?  And I'm assuming here you're referring to SNMP polling, not the APICs sending Traps.

Currently I have NPM 12.1 polling leaf and spine switches just fine for hardware health and port status using SNMP v3, and can send Traps or Syslog messages out as well, but I can not get NPM to SNMP v3 poll the actual APICs themselves.  So if this is what you are referring to that you're actively doing (again, polling the APICs not sending SNMP Traps), I'm sure a number of people would be interesting in knowing the config steps in ACI needed.

  • For background info for others, ACI 2.2 should allow for the SNMP polling of leaf/spine switches (likely earlier versions as well).  I'm running ACI 3.0 at the moment though, having upgraded recently.



Hi Marek,

Try searching for SNMP configuration documentation or reach out to a Cisco engineer.

Sorry I can't help you any more on this particular subject.

We're going to be looking at ACI in the next 1-2 years. This might be good to consider vs tetration.

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Hi Marek,

were  you able by chance to find some more information on this ? We are deploying ACI now and i would welcome to have option to get more information from APIS