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NPM - Fully Qualified Hostnames

NPM - Fully Qualified Hostnames

Currently when adding a new node to NPM, it expands what was entered into the fully qualified domain name.  In other words,

Polling Hostname or IP Address:  <hostname>



By default, I feel that it should NOT expand to the FQDN, but instead should take exactly what was entered.  You could perhaps add an option to expand to the FQDN if the user requests.  My feelings are that if the user wanted the FQDN entered, they would have entered the hostname that way in the first place.  It makes it very time consuming to have to go back and remove the domain name from each entry as they get added.  Even worse, the user has to write a SQL script to have them stripped within the SQL database.

Level 12

I'm not going to vote this down but i'm also not going to vote this up either as when using discovery I would want the FQDN to be used due to having multiple domains.  So maybe an option to "Display FQDN" on node addition could be a compromise?

Level 9

Fair enough; however, Solarwinds is the only NMS system that I've ever used which automatically expands the user's input of a device/node name to it's FQDN.  I would prefer either a system-wide parameter or checkbox when adding a node on whether this behavior is enabled or disabled.  I would prefer NPM to use the configured DNS search order (by default) when searching for the device unless I've specifically entered the node with it's FQDN.

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Community Manager
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