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NPM F5 info

NPM F5 info

So here are a couple of needs/wants in regards to F5 load balancers.  The current F5 page on NPM show a List of Virtual Servers but this is not a complete picture.  F5 load balancers have the capability of having multiple virtual partitions where the configs for virtual servers reside.  These in fact are really sub directories under the root directory.  The List of Virtual Servers that exists today under the F5 page strips out the directory/partition name.  That needs to be included.  Also we would like to see performance stats for the virtual servers, pool, and nodes.  Right now we have to go to the web page on each F5 directly to get performance stats.  We want to provide this information inside or Orion so we don't have to have our NOC accessing the individual F5 devices

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Excellent idea. Thanks for sharing it. Please enhance the F5 support.

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additionally, it would also be most excellent (and remove the last needs for the F5 enterprise manager) if you could poll the F5 for what certs they have and what the Virtual Server(s) the cert profile is applied to!

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While we are talking about  F5, how about full NCM support for config backups?

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To take this a bit further, I would like to see all the above on 1 display...just like the virtualization summary view included in NPM.

take this a step for F5

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To get more thoughts related to this idea, I've posted The Ideal F5 Load Balancer Dashboard

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And while looking at the certs, show a status regarding the expiration date of the cert.  I'm thinking a green/yellow/red status for expiration greater than 60 days/ between 59 and 30 days/ less than 30 days.

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I'd like to be able to monitor the status of the drives in the chassis.  Although this may first require some software updates on the part of F5.  I've tried to find OIDs to reflect drive array/ disk drive status but haven't had any success.

In a former life we were able to put some perl scripts on the F5's to do some specific monitoring of the environment.

It's really just a unix box on the inside... so a little ssh, a little perl, possibly a cron job or six....

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I've thought about doing that and using SAM to run the scripts but that would take more dev time that I have available for the forseeable future.