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NPM Discovery Interface Filter for WAN Miniport

NPM Discovery Interface Filter for WAN Miniport

When you reboot a 2008 Server the WAN Miniport interfaces get recreated and therefore Discovery picks them up as new interfaces again.  As with a regular patching cycle servers often require reboots so it would be nice to be able to filter out the WAN Miniport drivers at a discovery level.


Level 12

My biggest problems with interface discovery are as follows:

  • Virtual interfaces (i.e. port-channel and sub-interfaces) that are created need to be added automatically but all other interfaces discovered (that aren't currently being monitored) need to be ignored.
  • Interfaces with specific descriptions need to be added, but others need to be ignored (e.g. Nexus 1000v vethernet interfaces)
  • Lastly, in some cases, I need the ability for interfaces (similar to the ones above) to be removed automatically when they are removed/deleted from the switch configuration (and the status is unknown). Please consider the automatic removal of interfaces in large environments (based on rules) where switches can easily have 2000+ interfaces.

Does the new interface discovery mechanism that is currently in progress handle all of these scenarios?

hi SamuelB,

first two cases should be covered by the new interface filtering mechanism. third one - interface removal is something that won't be there, but we can create a feature request for this. Just to make sure you would like to automatically remove all interfaces that are not "access" correct?

Level 12

I would imagine it would be similar to the feature to automatically add interfaces. You would be able to create a filter that specified which interfaces to remove and (hopefully) be able to apply it across multiple devices (by device type for instance) or to a single device. This would allow me to automatically remove any "virtual" (non-physical) interfaces that change their status to 'unknown'. These non-physical interfaces in my environment show up as 'unknown' 99% of the time because they have been deleted/removed from the device being monitored. The other 1% is when all the interfaces (including physical ones) show up as 'unknown' because the device can't be reached or SNMP isn't working properly.

Level 12

Hi Michal,

I just completed my upgrades to 10.5 etc but think I must be missing something.  I ran a discovery and all my WAN Miniport interfaces are still showing up.  However when I go to import the Nodes/Interfaces I get the ability to filter out the different types - this is great but it has a flaw (unless I am doing something wrong).

So here's my scenario -

I reboot ServerA and my nightly discovery runs.

Then I get the "Scheduled Discovery: 39 new nodes found. 9 nodes were changed. »" message at the top.  So I know now that I have actions to perform.

I enter the "Scheduled Discovery Results" and see my already imported Node sitting there with the re-discovered WAN interfaces. (if I don't go through manually and Ignore these interfaces they will always show as actions I have to perform)

Am I doing it wrong or is this the way its meant to work?

Level 10

Please get this functionality Right!!!

Level 11

Have I missed where the new interface filtering funcitonality was documented?  I have 10.5 installed but can't figure out where to setup the interface filtering.

Level 12

Once you have a list of nodes found by the discovery you can click on the import, on the Interfaces section.  Great implementation sadly in the wrong place IMO


Hi, yes, this is what we plan for the future - allow people to use "templates" so it could be automatically applied during discovery result import.

what are you referring to? Templates?

Level 10

I am having issues with the new 10.5 interface filtering import.  Even when I get the interfaces filtered and selected correctly, it only seems to be effective on the first node in the list of found/changed nodes.  So when you view the screen that displays what is going to be imported, it shows all the virtual driver interfaces for windows that were NOT selected in the filtering screen.

Anyone else seeing this issue?