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NPM - Custom Properties - Dynamic (calculated) value

NPM - Custom Properties - Dynamic (calculated) value

Would like to see NPM "custom property" fields to have the ability to be a dynamic (calculated) value.


SiteCode = LEFT({NodeName}, 5)

We have a device naming convention that uses the first 5 characters as the site code.  Using a dynamic method like this, we could easily group nodes by that custom property.  I know Solarwinds has the ability to do a dynamic group, but using that method, we would have to create ~300 groups; 1 for each site code.  Ex. Group “TXHOU” : Query (Caption begins with TXHOU).  Also, using that method doesn’t allow for us to use it for displaying “Group by” value; whereas a dynamic custom property would.

Level 17

I would like to see this option come to life! Even a SQL/SWQL query to pull from a db field. It would be nice to add in a specific domain notation

Level 7

Would agree.  Having to create logic in a web service call because there are no dynamic abilities in custom properties seems like a flaw in design or that custom properties are an afterthought.  Node groups (which are not used very often when filtering in ncm) already have this concept, but are not very useful.

Level 13

Just gonna link to some other similar, duplicate, or related requests others have made.


SolarWinds does listen to Feature Requests.  Just middle-click on each of the below links to open them in a new tab and vote them up.

I just opened up and voted on all of those (and several more) and the whole process took me 30 seconds, so please.  Vote.

Level 13

There are some messy workout around to get this type of logic, having dynamic calculated would be so so so nice. Not gonna lie about that.

There is a way but will require you set up a SQL agent job and run something like this:


SET ncp.SiteCode = LEFT(n.Caption,6)

FROM nodes n

INNER JOIN NodesCustomProperties ncp ON ncp.NodeID = n.NodeID

WHERE ncp.SiteCode IS NULL AND n.Caption like '%360%'

(many people will disagree with this type or solution lol)

Level 13

you could also use the SDK for this task

Level 17

I've used scripts like this before with an alert to trigger the action to it can either happen when the node is added, or just on a 'scheduled sync'

And yes, this scares some folks.. and some folks just need to see a test work first...

Level 13

yea i definitely agree, testing first, also when using UPDATE statement make sure to put a WHERE on the end of it, iv done a UPDATE before and missed off the WHERE and overwritten allot of data for every node (that was a long night)

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