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NPM CLI Polling - Site to Site VPN - Add notes/description

NPM CLI Polling - Site to Site VPN - Add notes/description

The Site to Site VPN info under ASA devices is very helpful.  I like how you can mark tunnels as favorites.  It would be even more helpful if you could add notes or a description when you mark a favorite.  Don't know if this is possible but this would help in our environment

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Absolutely.  I've used PRTG before and the tunnel name/description was sent along with alerts.  Without the description, it's very hard to remember which IP belongs to which site especially when you have close to 100 sites to monitor.  With the name x.x.x.x A_to_B_VPN command entered in ASA, I can see the description in ASDM, but SolarWinds alerts still only send IP addresses.  So including the name/description in the alerts would also be a big plus to me if that's possible. 

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