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NOC view resources that scroll

NOC view resources that scroll

I would like to see resources that would either go from top to bottom in screen sized chunks or have it be able to put a second column of the resource next to the first as long as there is enough room to do so on the monitor. Let's say that the display is 10 entries long and wide enough for two columns of the resource. I would like to have it either scroll ten lines at a time or put lines 1-10 in one column and put lines 11-20 in column two. I can see where this could be useful for resources in NTA and NCM as well as NPM.

For Example: (presuming only able to get two columns across on the display)

Line 1                                   Line 11

Line 2                                   Line 12

Line 3                                   Line 13

Line 4                                   Line 14

Line 5                                   Line 15

Line 6                                   Line 16

Line 7                                   Line 17

Line 8                                   Line 18

Line 9                                   Line 19

Line 10                                 Line 20


Line 1


Line 10, then

Line 11


Line 20, etc.

I would think my example 2 may be easier to get done.

We are currently running NPM 12.0.1, NTA 4.2.1, and NCM 7.5.1.

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Community Manager
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