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Multi tenancy for NPM, NCM, NTA

Multi tenancy for NPM, NCM, NTA

Hi community

I would like to request Multi Tenancy for the main products of solarwinds. At the moment the company i am working for is looking at the Idea for changeing solarwinds with Sceincelogic EM7, and i have a bit of an issue argumenting against multi tenancy as this is a major bulletpoint, for a new monitoring tool.

This feature will make it easier for ISP's and hosting companies to monitor and seperating each customers.

Level 13

This has come up a few times over the years. They offer MSP (I know its not the same as the full versions, NCM etc) so have no interest in making it Multi tenanted. Why only sell a product once when you can sell it 3 times.

I'd love the feature but it wont come.

Level 14

This is a problem for us to, though NCM and SAM we can multitenant, other Orion products need to be excluded from our customers' view.

Which is a shame.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for Voting
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required for MSPs