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More Export options

More Export options

The Orion family has some decent reporting options.  Why can we NOT get a decent export of these reports?  The current "Export to PDF" is a joke - its a SCREENSHOT in PDF format.

Please add Export to EXCEL or at the LEAST Export to CSV.

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Level 11

Please god put this one in!!! At the moment creating any valuable MI reports on the network performance/availability takes me a day, an export of the raw report data to CSV would allow me to do it in minutes (and graph the data, which is another thing sadly lacking from the reports on NPM).

Level 14

You can turn any report into a CSV file easily.  All you need to do is:

1.)  Launch the report that you wish to see.

2.)  Once the report opens, add the suffix &DataFormat=Excel to the end of the report's URL.

I do this all the time with my reports and it works great. I hope this helps.

Level 9

That's all the more reason they should simply add the button to the page where they present the report.  It's very frustrating to me that they won't make a simple change like this.

Level 13

True it is simple that way, but it would be nice if they could add that functionality to the report scheduler.

Level 14

I'm with you Mike.  This is such a simple change too. 

SW, please turn the &dataformat-xls into a link like Export to PDF and Printable Version links.

dclick, I'm with you too. The Export to PDF is a joke, lousy implementation.  We would like to send reports out as PDF through Report Scheduler but don't because of the screenshot look with the page banner and trailer, tabs and menu bar.  The Export to PDF needs a total re-work.

Level 13

I agree.  SW should give us a little pull down menu that has all these options and more on every page as well as add that kind of functionality to the report scheduler.

Sohail Bhamani

Loop1 Systems

Level 15

Right click and > 'Export to Excel' works on any Report Writer report (using IE), but there are other pages that would benefit from this functionality, such as UnDP tables, Events, Syslog and Alerts pages.

Level 10

Report Scheduler needs this!

Level 9

This would definately be of great benefit for my operations team as they currently have to be cutting and pasting the PDF into an Excel file and massaging the data as required.

Level 10

Can't believe this isn't a button.

Also, the fake exporting to Excel loses some formatting elements. All your hidden fields suddenly are back in your report. You know, the formatting you spent all that time on? Yeah, that isn't what exports into Excel format, you get all the extraneous extras you already filtered for display.

I find this infuriating.