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Monitor interface status and Interfaces with High Percent Utilization on Worldwide Map.

Monitor interface status and Interfaces with High Percent Utilization on Worldwide Map.

We can automaticly locate nodes on worldwide map. It is so effective feature that monitoring all nodes on one map. But there is a missing feature that world wide map only monitors nodes status.

if we can monitor all of our nodes via only one map, that would be so usefull and great feature to monitor/alert down interfaces and high percent interface usage as well. Down interface and high percent usages are already alerts and has a tab in summary tab.

This is like an integration of Down Interfaces, High Percent Utilization and worldwide map. If Solarwinds has full visibility for monitoring, this feature must be implemented and must be developed in the future.

Level 8

As you know, Solarwinds service us to monitor all our network devices and server and applications.

Also Solarwinds says, we provides full visibility on the web interface. So there are some needs for our company that increases Solarwinds full visibility feature.

Hence I will clearify our request as below;

First, Auto location is working for nodes that have snmp/wmi location parameters. This is a great feature for us. We are a banking company. We have arround 200 branch offices. In every branch offices, we have at least 50 devices to monitor. If we calculate, it will make 200*50=10000 devices. Also we have lots of devices in head office as well. That will be so hard to place all our nodes to network atlas manuelly. Hence we prefer worldwide map.

But worldwide map only monitors node status. Monitoring is so critical for us. And we must monitor interface status and interface high bandwith usage as well.

We must be able to see down interfaces, high interface usage etc. They are already monitoring by solarwinds but we only can see that details on a different page.

But theese alerts(interface status) can be implemented into the worldwide map. This request is so sensible. If worldwide map supports interface usage as well, this will be a really great feature. This feature will be a feature that makes solarwinds much more preferable for customers. Also after this feature, big companies that has so much brtanch offices such as banking companies, holding companies etc.. will prefer solarwinds. This feature is our need yes but in the meantime this feature impelementation introduces Solarwinds experiences.

According to above details, there are 2 options for developing worldwide map.

  1. Worldwide map, can be display interface status as well as the node status.
  2. Groups that has longtitude/latitude value, can be locate on worldwide map automaticly. That is not working right now and we are investigating this with Gary. Case 1006512.

     Even if autolocation for groups that have longtitude/latitude value, It is so hard to find all 200 locations’ longtitute/latitute values. Location parameter may be able to be added  to groups as custom properties. Just like latitude and longtitude      values.

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Community Manager
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