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Monitor Alcatel VLAN by using Orion NPM in VLAN monitoring

Monitor Alcatel VLAN by using Orion NPM in VLAN monitoring

Our customer need to monitor Alcatel VLAN by using Orion NPM in VLAN monitoring.

Below is comprehensive list of vendors Alcatel OID :
Ingress Inprof :[Service Id].[IfIndex_port].[Vlan]
Ingress Outprof :[Service Id].[IfIndex_port].[Vlan]
Egress Inprof :[Service Id].[IfIndex_port].[Vlan]
Egress Outprof :[Service Id].[IfIndex_port].[Vlan]

Is there any native VLAN monitoring for this Alcatel VLAN on Orion NPM ?

Level 9

Yes, please! Our client's core network is 100% Alcatel, and currently we do monitoring of VLANs by monitoring the IP interfaces we've created for them. Having native VLAN monitoring support for Alcatel would be much better, since that way we can pull the whole table and not just the VLANs with logical interfaces.

+1 from me!

Level 11

Why not create a Universal device poller with the above OIDs and then you can create custom view pages for each or all.

Level 16

Hi @jason.carrier 

Flexible frameworks Please...multivendor support is what sells Orion ...



Product Manager
Product Manager


Agree. Definitely tracking this need. In the meantime, our best method of address gaps in native SNMP polling is NPM's Universal Device Poller; and for API integrations it's SAM's API Poller.

Level 16

Thanks @jason.carrier 

I hope that SW will get to something close to  device studio & let the thwack community build & share templates..